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Your donation will help relieve the damage caused by the Beirut port explosion on those hospitals most severely affected.


100% of net proceeds to be used towards the Beirut hospital initiative.


*Donate $100, or more, and the Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians will give you or your company a one year listing in our business directory for FREE!

DONATE $5 Helping Beirut Hospitals

  • *Prices in Canadian dollars. Payment processing powered by STRIPE. SSL ENCRYPTION AND SECURE PAYMENT.


    The Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians is a non-profit organization that also engages in humanitarian aid as part of its community development initiatives and is not a registered charity.


    See the Helping Beirut Hospitals page for more information about the Beirut hospital initiative.

  • If for any reason a donor to one of the Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians humanitarian projects requires, or requests a refund of their donation, the Company will refund the amount of the donation, minus a 12% processing fee, provided the request is submitted within ten calendar days of the donation being made.