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Middle Eastern
Christian Organization




Finding local businesses is easy with the Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians.

Starting with our name, we designed our website to be a powerful tool to help Middle Eastern Christians everywhere easily identify a central focal point to connect with the Middle Eastern Christian community, engage in meaningful initiatives, promote their businesses and attract more customers.


Join the Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians and list your business or service in the Directory.


Search the Directory to instantly connect with local businesses and services.


Membership Benefits

Business Consultation

1. Your Business Has a Unique Story That Has to Be Told.

Join the Directory of like-minded people who are dedicated to growing their businesses and the community.


​2. You Need to Get Your Business Online.

Having an online presence is one of the most important investment decisions a business can make.


Online marketing is very influential in the way consumers make purchasing decisions. To be competitive, your business needs online exposure to elevate and enhance its brand.


3. Build A Bigger Business Network.

Expand your connections and global supply chain.

4. Membership and directory listing cost may be deductible as a business expense*.

*Verify with your tax professional if membership and directory listing cost is deductible in your local jurisdiction.

5. Members Can Earn Referral Fees

Members have the option of registering as Referral Agents and earn referral fees for referring other members

6. Participate in Member Surveys

Members of the organization will receive periodic member surveys spanning various topics, where they can participate in guiding the direction of the organization's tactical and strategic initiatives

Every community is supported by its pillars. Join the directory and become a pillar in the community!


The Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of bringing Middle Eastern Christians together for business, philanthropy, and networking opportunities.


We are a Middle Eastern Christian business organization, not a religious sect affiliated with any archdiocese, or fraternity.

Established in 2017, the vision of the Global Order of Middle Eastern Christians is to engage in sustainable initiatives that are meaningful and measurable, so that every deliverable achieved will be like solid stone, steel and concrete in the infrastructure of our community.

We dedicate this initiative to you, your family, present and future, friends and the diaspora of Middle Eastern Christians scattered around the world, whose families have found themselves in distant lands, disconnected, where the language, food and culture was different than their own.

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